Imported Tradition.




It is in its flavors and especially its know-how (a mix of instinct, love and passion for food)

in which zinda finds its inspiration


Since being funded in 2000,  Zinda offers its customers only the best wheat. It is in the whimsical pairing of quality Canadian wheat and a heritage of expertise which has made Zinda the leader in its category in all of north america.


Being a manufacturer of both conventional and organic couscous since its foundation, the company has widened its product offering over the years.In 2015, Zinda acquired a new production line aimed entirely at the production of pearl couscous, otherwise known as Israeli Couscous.Before this time, Israeli Couscous was only available as an import from Israel. Now, Zinda produces this product in both conventional and organic versions, offering its customers a fresh product made with the finest ingredients.


Zinda is proud to officially be the first company in the world which produced Couscous infused with natural flavors as well as Couscous made into many different colors.These offerings, as well as its blends made with couscous, spices and vegetables, allows Zinda to offer its clients a mini trip around the world in something as simple as a meal made in 5 minutes.

when you choose Zinda, you choose a delicious, nutritious and unique product which is proud to call Canada its home.

Our Company

Zinda holds a position among the world's elite, hailing as Canada's exclusive producer of couscous. Our highly qualified personnel know couscous like no other. We use state of the art equipment, as well as North America's finest semolina when producing our fine product. One of our truly greatest strengths lies in our innovative abilities and our endless research an development. This has been a massive contributor when considering Zinda's #1 position in its category in a way which allows the flow of ideas and products to be not only contemporary, but also innovative for today's ever changing market. 


Our approach, which always keeps the consumers in consideration, is founded on quality customer service, and basic, yet profound company integrity.


At Zinda products, our priority is our customer's satisfaction!

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